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Istvàn Felsmann_Gastkünstler 3_2017

geb. 1984, lebt und arbeitet in Budapest

2006 – 2013 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Faculty and Painting Faculty.

Seit 2011 vier Einzelausstellungen in Budapest und Beteiligung an zahlreichen Gruppenausstellungen in Ungarn und Österreich.

"Lego Abstract Relief" 

”The Lego based boards, which I have been working on since 2009, are my most developed series. The basic concept of these pieces was to create a new image by disassembling and recomposing the surface of the works.

Deconstruction as a contemporary philosophical trend leads to French philosopher Jacques Derrida. By disassembling concepts and complete works of literature and rebuilding them his theory is an initial point for my work. My lego reliefs are based on this concept, combining the fields of construction and deconstruction.”

Stand: 27.2.2017, Martina Greil