Gastkünstler*innen des artists-in-residence program

International exchange of guest studios

The city of Salzburg has been renting a guest studio that is used for the artist exchange program since 1986. The city of Salzburg works closely with public and private institutions in Europe and in the US, where it has established an artist exchange program with selected cities, which is regularly joined by new partners. The program promotes cooperation between culturally-minded and active cities and is based on mutual exchange on equal terms.
Specifically this means that the city of Salzburg provides foreign artists with the opportunity to live and work in Salzburg for 1 to 2 months. To this end, the city makes available a live-in studio in the Künstlerhaus. In return, artists from Salzburg have the opportunity to live and work in a studio in the partner cities for an equivalent period of time under the same conditions. The objective of this special cultural promotion is to offer the artists the opportunity to gather new impression and practical experience and to assimilate these into their work. The stay also serves to establish new contacts and to set up a network between the participating artists and cities on this basis.

Das Stadt:Atelier

Das Gastatelier der Stadt für Künstler*innen aus dem Austauschprogramm befindet sich im Künstlerhaus.
Das Künstlerhaus ist ein bekanntes Zentrum für Ausstellungen zeitgenössischer Kunst und beherbergt zudem die Ateliers von Salzburger KünstlerInnen.
Das Stadt:Atelier liegt auf zwei Ebenen und besteht aus einem voll eingerichteten 70 m² großen Arbeits- und Wohnraum. Die maximale Aufenthaltsdauer im Stadt:Atelier ist zwischen 1 und 2 Monaten.

The city:studio

The artists-in-residence-program of the city of Salzburg provides visiting exchange artists with a guest studio in the Künstlerhaus building. As part of the program the city closely collaborates with public and private institutions across Europe and the US and organizes regular mutual artist’s exchange programs with selected cities. The Künstlerhaus building is a well-known center for exhibitions of contemporary art, and it also houses the studios of artists from Salzburg. The Stadt:Atelier is on two levels and comprises a fully equipped 70 sqm work and living space. The maximum stay in the Stadt:Atelier is between 1 and 2 months.